Health Care

Transform results in your margin AND your mission!

Times in Health Care are particularly difficult right now. Reform efforts, Managed Care, HCAHPS - this is no time for fads or academic theory. To achieve your potential, you need an expert who has the rare understanding of the unique challenges faced by your industry and the operational experience of working with the most respected and successful organizations in the world: Mark David Jones.

Health Care professionals just like you have realized:

  • increases in staff and patient satisfaction
  • patient volume rise significantly
  • decreased turnover
  • increased margins, higher cash flow, reduced risk, higher bond rating

Specializing in health care consulting, Mark David Jones has proven success with some of the most successful health care systems, hospitals, and medical groups in the world. By implementing best practices from both health care and other industries, you get the best solutions for every facet of your operation.

Renowned medical operations like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai – achieve consistent results because they combine clinical excellence with the operational strategies used by world-class business organizations. You can learn those “behind-the-scenes” secrets as well.

Don’t waste your time or money on yet another trendy program that isn’t sustainable. Accelerate your improvement efforts and get lasting results - faster. Contact Mark David Jones for the breakthrough solutions you need.