Meeting Planners



This questionnaire is provided as a tool for you to ensure that I provide your event with the most targeted, relevant presentation possible.  I personally appreciate you answering whatever you can!  (If it would be easier for you, we can also do this together via phone.)  I promise these details will help make you a hero! 



Event Information:

Group Name:

Date of Event:

Client Contact Information

Office Phone:   
Mobile Phone:    


Meeting Location:

Closest/Best airport:

Mark’s Hotel:

Distance from meeting location in miles/minutes:

Best way to get from airport to hotel:

Meeting start/end times:

Mark’s start/end times:

Meeting attire:

Is this event being videotaped/audiotaped?:

The Event

Who will introduce Mark:

Meeting theme:

Specific purpose for the event:

Top Objectives for Mark’s Presentation:

Objective 1:

Objective 2:

Objective 3:

Sensitive issues to avoid:

Messages you’d like Mark to reinforce:

Number of attendees:

Approx. % Male/Female:

Median age:

Roles/Positions represented:

Spouses invited?:

What is happening immediately before/after Mark’s presentation?: 

What else should Mark know about the audience?:

The Client Organization

May Mark conduct a pre-event interview(s) about the organization?:

Is so, who (name(s)/contact information)?:

What is the organization most proud of?:

Relevant information about the industry:

Relevant information about the customers:

Who are the major competitors?:

Biggest challenges the company is facing:

Biggest opportunities – present or future:

What significant events have happened in the organization recently?:

What is unique about this group?:

What other speakers have they seen in the past?:                

Describe the speakers who have been a big hit with this group:

How will you know Mark is a hit?:

What other speakers are presenting at this event?:

If so, please provide name and topic they are speaking on:  

How did you hear about Mark?:

Thank you!!