Rave Reviews

Client Testimonials

General Electric:  “Mark David Jones is the most versatile, dynamic, and “easy to do business with” speaker I have hired in 20 years.” -- DA

Johnson & Johnson:  “This is the third time we have hired Mark and he continues to exceed our expectations!  Whether a keynote or a workshop, with executives or our front line, he always finds just the right style of interaction and content insights.” - SW

ExxonMobil: “Our members loved the insights about Disney, Ritz-Carlton, and Harley-Davidson, etc.  (Mark) has an amazing collection of life experiences – as well as a rich source of pragmatic tools to help them realize the business excellence they join our association to achieve.”  - CB

MassMutual: “You have to experience Mark to believe how well he combines his Disney-level entertainment style with the hard-core operations business tools from these great companies.  He really does make becoming world-class possible!” -- TR

Blue Cross-Blue Shield: “We’ve had consultants come and go, but none have been as impactful as Mark David Jones.  Where other speakers know about some things, Mark has actually done them.  Anyone can read a book.  With Mark, you get proven, real-world tools – and our company is still buzzing about how exciting his session was.  We’re already planning an event so we can have him return!” -- KS

Textron: “We started working with Mark as a keynote on leadership, customer service, and talent management for our conferences and have since enlisted him to transform our entire international business culture.  His team has made a huge difference on our bottom line.”  -- LT

Cleveland Clinic: “WOW!  I’ve never seen anyone combine it all like Mark did!  Humor, serious business solutions, and fascinating inside stories that no one else shares.  Our team can’t wait to start implementing his suggestions!”  -- KL

Fast Company: “Mark is the best speaker I’ve ever heard!  He was so entertaining I didn’t realize I was learning so much until he walked us through the review.  TONS of ideas to take back!”  -- IG

Habitat for Humanity: “Mark was instrumental in guiding us to our breakthrough!  His energy and insight cut right through the morass we’ve been wading through and identified the real issue holding us back.  We are finally on our way to becoming the success story we’ve always wanted!”  -- FF

Coca-Cola: “Not only did Mark blow away our attendees, he exceeded my (cynical) coordination team’s expectations as well!  You really DO deliver!  Thanks for being such a great partner!” -- AF