Speaking Options

Let’s talk!  Since every event is different, there’s no way your keynote/workshop should be the canned, off-the-shelf speech most speakers repeat.  Mark is known for his true customization of every presentation – to specifically align with the objectives/theme of your event and reinforcing the hard work you’ve done to make it successful.   The list below represents some examples of the hundreds of topics that can be addressed via any of the following three venues:

  • Keynotes/Presentations (up to 90 minutes)
  • Workshops (2-4 hours each)
  • Seminars (1-4 days each)

World-Class Leadership Excellence
Executive Effectiveness
New Leader Transitions
Constructive Communication
Employee Engagement

Customer Service
World-Class Service Excellence
The Delivery Systems of Service
Business Protocol
Customers Loyalty

Talent Management
Employee Loyalty
Creating Employee Excellence
Ethics and Integrity
Diversity as a Competitive Edge
Labor-Management Relations

Change & Innovation
Creating Change Agents
Managing Change
Operational Innovation
Sustainable Continuous Improvement

High Performance Teams
Increasing Productivity
Conflict Management
Self-Managed Work Teams
Working Together Effectively

Communication & Facilitation
Interpersonal Effectiveness
Presentation Skills
Facilitation Training
International Protocol
Making Meetings Work

Balanced Scorecard
Systems Thinking
Problem Solving
Career Development
Negotiation Skills

Mark’s Most Requested Topics

  1. The Power Behind the Pixie Dust: Disney’s Service Secrets Revealed!
  2. Creating Your Leadership Legacy: The Blueprint of World Class Legends
  3. Consistent Service Excellence – The Little Steps that Get Big Results!
  4. A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the World’s Most Respected Companies
  5. Building a World-Class Culture from the Inside, Out
  6. The Critical Core: The Foundation that Drives Every Great Business
  7. Real-World Branding: The True Secret of World-Class Success
  8. Kicking (Bleep) and Taking Names: Take The Competitive Edge You Need Now!
  9. World-Class Secret: Development as a Proven Revenue-Increasing Strategy
  10. Breaking the “Program of the Month” Cycle FOREVER!